CongelArg was created to satisfy the logistics needs of our clients, providing a tailored solution to the problem of refrigerated and frozen products. Adding in recent years also operations for merchandise at room temperature.

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Address: Formosa 6065 – Munro (1605) – Buenos Aires –Argentina

Telephone Number: 54 11 4762-0577

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): "Negotiate with Values, because there are no successful companies in damaged societies. This depends on all of us." A company with principles never ends.

CongelArg SA was founded in 2002 as a logistics company specialized in transportation of chilled and frozen food, with capacity to transport goods at temperatures close to -25 ° C.

International quality standards implementation (Standard ISO9000 / HACCP) ensures business processes, cold chain, cleanliness and integrity of the goods, crucial components to store, transport and distribute food merchandise.

In 2007, already consolidated as a reference in the market, driven by our customer’s requests and recognition in the marketplace, our services were extended to all aspects of the area to provide logistical quality solutions in the storage, transportation and distribution frozen and ambient, for multinational companies large and highly complex;

We currently have three operational bases (Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Resistencia) that allows us to be closer to our customers, working shoulder to shoulder and looking for efficiencies and improvements in service.

Our mission is to be the best logistics company in the country and South America.

In CongelArg, we mean quality by reaching and keeping our costumers full satisfaction, providing quick, reliable and secure logistics services. To crystallize this commitment we have directed our resources, organizational structure and methodologies to adopt and implement a management system that meets the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

We define, implement and monitor continuously the evolution of the following objectives:

  • That the quality of our service, the integrity of our people and our contribution to society makes our company the model to follow.
  • Satisfy our customers through knowing, interpreting and fulfilling their needs and expectations.
  • Perform our activities in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To generate a proper working environment based on responsibility to generate engagement and involvement of employees by encouraging their personal and professional growth.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided, in business processes and system of quality management.
  • All employees and executives of CongelArg are involved with the Quality Policy of our organization maintaining a proactive attitude and committed to it.

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CongelArg was created with the objective to satisfy the client’s logistical needs in an integral way, providing a tailored solution for each one of them.

CONSULTANT - As a result of the know-how that their managers have achieved over the years, CongelArg is able to offer complete consulting services. Based on a logistical diagnosis we resolve their problems, maximizing existing resources.

TRANSPARENCY - Our policy of transparency in cost allows us to work with low margins, betting on economies of scale and long-term relationships.

COMMUNITY - CongelArg is currently working on its organizational development, applying principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), participating actively in conferences and working with foundations recognized in the matter. These principles can be summed in that CongelArg carries out its logistics services in a way committed to the community and the environment, working consciously on the impact it has on them, always looking to benefit them or minimizing the negative impact that might generate.

HEADQUARTERS - Currently with 3 operational bases (Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Resistencia) that allows us to be closer to our customers, working shoulder to shoulder and looking for efficiencies and improvements in service

COMPETITIVENESS - The volume of units we work with, allows us to have scale economies, which allows us to have very competitive prices.

FLEET - We keep the optimal mix between own and contracted fleet, covering the peaks in demand without affecting our service. The diversity of our fleet allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients. All our units have satellite tracking and communication with both the Congelarg operational base, and the customer base if required.

These are the values that govern all our actions and act as a filter:

  • · Respect for human dignity.
  • · Justice.
  • · Trust.
  • · Credibility.
  • · Honesty.
  • · Teamwork with spirit of sacrifice.

Quality is one of our strategy pillars. We have decided to use a Quality Management System (CMS), to achieve our customers´s satisfaction in an effective and efficient way. To do this, we have implemented a QMS that follows the guidelines of ISO 9001:2000.

CongelArg has established, documented and maintained the Quality Management System, which corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

The Congelarg´s Quality Management System covers activities that affect the Quality Management in the Enterprise and is a means to generate objective evidence of compliance with the requirements, their continued monitoring and improving its effectiveness.


In 2005 we were selected by the Endeavor Foundation as entrepreneurs allowing us to join their network and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Access to their contacts network,
  • Consulting
  • Continuous support in the professionalization of the company
  • Business plans development
  • International expansion.

In 2007 we were selected by Endeavor and the Amex Foundation to participate in the program "Leaders in CSR" where during a whole year, we received training in corporate social responsibility issues. We developed with the Commitment Foundation a concrete CSR project: an open school for mechanics and a future driving school.

For more details on the topic, visit the website of Endeavor (

CongelArg is integrated by highly trained professionals and a great trajectory in the Logistics and Distribution Field, in both managers and operational employees levels. The people who form part of CongelArg share the same work philosophy; which is based on total quality, in both technically and human aspects.

We believe that to achieve excellence is necessary to overcome the status of mere suppliers and become strategic partners of our clients.
In this way we can reach the objectives of a company with the same passion of the people who work from the inside. We are convinced that maintaining a policy of open costs for the entire business process is indispensable to achieve mutual benefit and a link with our customers that endure over time.


Congelarg has the knowledge and expertise needed to design and manage processes for storage and distribution so that the flow of products is optimized and the costs of the supply chain are reduced. Our customers can optimize their operations and increase their service levels, while keeping the flexibility required by the fast changing market demands.

  • Storage of finished products and raw materials.
  • Stock and Inventory Management.
  • Order preparation (Picking).
  • Cross docking.
  • Merchandise consolidation and Deconsolidation.
  • Packing and repacking. Labelling.
  • Batch Control (FIFO, FEFO, etc.)
  • Cargo tracking from reception untill it is delivered to the customer.
  • Management Control.
  • Scheduled deliveries (just-in-time)


In Congelarg, we optimize the loading capacity utilization of trucks and adjust the frequency of deliveries to the requirements of each customer. Based on an intelligent use of technology and assistance from our staff, we guarantee delivery on time, the conservation of the cold chain, the hygiene of vehicles and the merchandise care from its loading to the unloading and delivery. To fulfil these standards of quality and service have:

  • Modern trucks adapted to the type and volume of the load to carry, with cold equipment, thermographs and hydraulic ramps;
  • Base of operations for traffic control, satellite tracking of transportation (GPS) and microwaves.
  • Trained and skilled drivers in good transportation and customer service;
  • Quality Audits in the handling of food substances.
  • Operational processes under ISO 9000 standards.


CongelArg is integrated by highly trained professionals with a great trajectory in the Logistics and Distribution Field. With the Know How that their managers have taken over the years, CongelArg is able to offer full consulting services. From an initial logistical diagnosis, Congelarg resolves problems with intelligence, maximizing existing resources. We advise clients on the development of the layout of its deposits and / or plants, in the routing of its trucks and how to prepare and load their deliveries.

We have experience in counselling and evaluation of client’s own fleet performance looking to improve its processes with the consequent costs reduction. On the other side we transfer know-how to achieve a better control and use.

We are enabled to development and analyze transportation and logistics business bidding, where the customer looks to outsource these services.

We have a fleet of more than 80 units that include: chassis, sticks, semi-trailers and trailers. Within this fleet we have units with Hi-tech cold equipment and hydraulic shovel for the loading and unloading of merchandise. We have special units that can carried up to three temperatures (frozen, refrigerated and dry) with a load capacity of 28 and 30 pallets, with a payload of 25 to 30 tons. These last ones made in aluminium to lower the tare and thus to be able to load more weight in each unit to fulfil with the maximum weight tolerated by the road regulation. All units have satellite tracking and other accessories for securing cargo in order to ensure a smooth transfer and preservation of it.


In Congelarg, we understand that our people growth, promotes the company and its customers. For this reason, we implement ongoing training programs and expertise that motivate the professional development and work together, to have a team of excellence. The vast majority of those who have made up our campus development at the company, and since the beginning, remain committed to the objectives of the same, providing day-to-day experience with dynamism and creativity always bearing in mind the values of the company, that guide us to take decisions.

  • City of Buenos Aires (Capital)
  • CUYO CENTER ( Córdoba , Mendoza , San Juan and San Luis )
  • NORTH WEST ( Jujuy ,Salta , Tucumán , La Rioja , Catamarca and Santiago del Estero )
  • NORTH EAST ( Chaco, Corrientes , Formosa and Misiones )
  • SOUTH Southern Province. Buenos including Mar del Plata and Bahía Blanca, Neuquén)

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